Our History & Your Future

We Build Relationships.

Proud to be 100% Family-Owned and Operated

Founded in 1993, Montana Construction is a family-owned and operated business by three siblings:

  • Lisa S. Ballerini, President
  • Vincent Santaite, Vice President
  • Dominic Santaite Jr., Director of Operations

Each company leader was taught the fundamentals for developing and operating a successful construction company from their father and longtime construction executive, Dominic Santaite Sr., who instilled the pillars that drive Montana’s steady growth today: Integrity, hard work and respect.

Vincent Santaite, Vice President

Founded by Vincent Santaite, the company started small—a Macintosh computer in a room at the family home and a small, rented yard in Hackensack, N.J., where a backhoe, excavator and old utility truck were stored. Only one crew member on the payroll. Few services. Even fewer territories.

Look at Montana Construction today: More than 120 skilled employees, 22 best-in-class crews and 170 completed bid projects, with territories in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. The company’s headquarters is in Lodi, N.J.

The siblings’ leadership grew the company exponentially over the decades.

Lisa S. Ballerini, President

Lisa was named president in 2000. Her expertise and aptitude in management skills and finances have led the company to sustained growth and success. Her approach has helped bolster our reputation as one of the region’s best Underground Utility contractors. She’s why we’re a successful certified Woman-Owned Business Enterprise.

Dominic Santaite Jr., Director of Operations.

Dominic Jr. has seen every project from conception to completion dedicating his proficient communication skills fostering long-lasting relationships. Dominic embraces a gift to go the extra mile to guarantee that all projects are completed safely and to the owner’s complete satisfaction. He’s a major reason why our client relationships are so fruitful every year.

This is their approach to their work.

Montana Construction Today

  • More than 120 skilled employees
  • 22 best-in-class crews
  • 170-plus completed bid projects
  • Territories in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania
  • 200-plus pieces of equipment
  • Woman-Owned Business Enterprise