Our History

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Montana Construction is a family owned and operated business. The firm is owned and run by siblings, Lisa S. Ballerini, President, Vincent Santaite, Vice President, and Dominic Santaite Jr., Director of Operations.

The company was founded in 1993 by Vincent Santaite under the guidance of his father, Dominic Santaite Sn., who had over 25 years of experience in this field. Vincent had spent his summers learning the industry from his father prior to starting Montana Construction. Dominic Sn. shared his knowledge and taught Vincent, Lisa, and Dominic, the fundamental components required for building a successful construction company. He instilled the importance of hard work, integrity, and respect, which has contributed to Montana’s steady growth.

The firm originated with very little. The office began with one old Macintosh computer in a room of the Santaite home. They rented a small yard in Hackensack, NJ to store their few pieces of equipment which included a backhoe, excavator, and an old utility truck. At this time, their labor force consisted of only one crew. Since then, Montana has evolved tremendously and surpassed what they initially ever hoped for.

Lisa was named president in 2000. Her expertise and aptitude led the company to grow and succeed by managing all in office needs and finances. With Vincent’s natural ability in estimating, Montana has landed over 170 jobs in the industry’s complex realm of bidding. Dominic Jr. has contributed to the successful completion of those projects through his organization, dedication, and proficient communication skills, all while building great long-lasting relationships.

As Montana has grown over the past 20 years, the company has assembled a phenomenal unit of employees. From the estimators and project managers in the office, to the drivers, foremen, operators, superintendents, and laborers out in the field, Montana has secured an outstanding staff. The firm prides itself on being a family company. Michael Mariano, cousin of the Santaite family, is the manager of all Emergency work. He is on call 24/7 and always available and competent to execute at a moment’s notice. Their cousin, Jennifer Kenny, is the bidding clerk, and sisters, Theresa DeMarco and Amanda Santaite, are administrative assistants. Related or not, Montana employees are one united family.

The company now has more than 10 sets of crews whom are of the best in this industry. They work around the clock, always performing in a safely and timely manner. Montana has an extensive inventory and fleet of equipment which has grown to over 200 vehicles and machines. This provides the company with full capacity to perform a variety of projects. With the help of a great man, Gerald Cappasso, they now have almost 2 acres of property where Montana resides. This is the main office and yard located in Lodi, NJ. Sadly, Mr. Cappasso passed away in 2011. He will always remain missed, cherished, and respected.

The Santaite Family has built this company from the ground up and looks forward to Montana’s future. Since 1993, their firm has delivered quality workmanship and superior service. Montana goes that extra mile to ensure that all projects are completed safely and to the owner’s complete satisfaction. This approach has secured their reputation as one of the best Underground Utility contractors in New Jersey.

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